Minor in Production

Mechanical Engineering Department offers a Minor Program on Production for undergraduate students of other disciplines. The purpose of the Minor Program on Production is to give the interested and successful students a general view of production technology, with the belief that they will perform better in their own discipline, having acquired a wider scope of knowledge and a different perspective.

Course List

Compulsory Courses
Code Title Credit
Catalog Page
ME 105 Engineering Graphics (or equivalent) (2-2) 3
ME 212 Principles of Production Engineering (3-0) 3
METE 230 Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (or equivalent) (3-0) 3
ME 303 a Manufacturing Engineering (3-0) 3
ME 307 a Machine Elements I (3-0) 3
Elective Courses (Three of the following)
Code Title Credit
Catalog Page
ME 308 Machine Elements II (3-0) 3
ME 416 Tool Design (3-0) 3
ME 433 Engineering Metrology and Quality Control (3-0) 3
ME 440 Numerically Controlled Machine Tools (3-0) 3
ME 443 * Engineering Economy and Production Management (3-0) 3
ME 445 Integrated Manufacturing Systems (3-0) 3
ME 448 Fundamentals of Micro Electromechanical Systems and Microsystems (3-0) 3
ME 450 Nondestructive Testing Methods (3-0) 3
ME 451 Introduction to Composite Structures (3-0) 3
ME 455 Manufacturing of Polymeric Structures (3-0) 3
ME 471 Production Plant Design (3-0) 3
ME 535 Metal Cutting (3-0) 3
ME 575 Non-traditional Production Processes (3-0) 3

a You need to attend (if already not) a Strength of Materials (normally ME 206 or an equivalent if in your major program like AEE 264 and CE 224) course which is a prerequisite for the courses ME 303 and 307. Please notice that Strength of Materials course may have prerequisites (typically ME 206 requires ME 205 Statics or equivalent and ME 205 requires Phys 105 and Math 120 (which has a prerequisite Math 119)) therefore especially if you are not a student of Faculty of Engineering please be aware of this long chain of prerequisite courses.

* This course is not offered to IE students.

Production minor coordinator: Dr. Ergin Tönük